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                                                                                                              Stephen's career as a graphic artist in commercial printing 
was the beginning to his current work as a creative artist.
 After twenty years in commercial arts, he pursued a creative outlet
with brush and paint. He began to paint and experiment with
acrylics and canvas where he built a body of work. Stephen
produced his images by combining his knowledge of graphics
with his vivid imagination creating worlds that reflect his
experiences in life.
     In the past eight years, Stephen has integrated his long history
as a photographer and graphic artist with the computer. 
He incorporates his original photographs with digital software to
create vivid and exciting images. These images reflect realism
with an imaginative unearthly quality.
     Stephen continues to produce paintings and graphics where 
he experiments with imagery and expands his creative vision.

Prints are available, to contact me see below.

Thanks, Stephen



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